10 Things To You Need To Know About Your First Car | Dewars Garage

Buying your first car from a showroom near you can be exhilarating but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Purpose: One should thoroughly evaluate the purpose of buying the car. Though a car has several advantages, it is always wise to weigh the cons as well before taking the decision.

Budget: Budget is one of the most important factors to take into account when buying your first car. You should demand value for your money while keeping your price range in mind.

Safety: Today's cars have almost all the safety features to make driving safer. Before purchasing, you should know about the safety features that each model offers.

Comparing price: Comparing prices of a similar range of cars is important for the true value of money. Check out car dealers near you for the best deals on new or pre-owned cars.

Research on models: Though we all have our preferences for our dream car, you should study the type of car before purchasing. This will give you a proper insight into the type of body, engine, and fuel.

Test drive: As a new buyer, you should opt for a test drive. The first-hand experience of driving is crucial for the buying decision.

Apply for a car loan: For a first-time buyer, it is important to apply for a loan as it helps in offsetting the financial burden with EMIs.

Compare insurance rates: When you make the decision to buy your first car, you must opt for car insurance. Spend some time looking around for affordable insurance rates and offers.

Credit score: Finding out your credit score is advised if you are planning to apply for car financing through a loan provider.

Car maintenance: While buying your first car, you should know the maintenance service schemes provided by the manufacturer. Although a new car will not require frequent servicing, still it should be taken into consideration for better and smooth running.