Benefits of Startup India Registration

Following are the benefits of Startup India Registration:

Easy Access of Funds: Rs. 10,000 crores fund is set-up by the Indian Government to provide funds to the startups as Venture Capital. The Government is also giving guarantees to the lenders to encourage banks & other financial institutions to provide Venture Capital.

Tax Savings for Investors: Individual investing their capital gains in the venture funds set-up by the Government will get exemption from Capital Gains and this will help all the Startups to attract more investors.

Income Tax Exemption: Eligible startups can be exempted from paying Income Tax for 3 Consecutive F.Y. (Financial Years) out of their first 10 years since Incorporation.

Easily apply for Government Tenders: Startups in India can easily apply for Government Tenders and they are exempted from the prior experience or turnover criteria applicable for normal companies answering to Government Tenders.

Rebate in Trademark & Patent Filing: Startups working under Startup India Registration Scheme will get 50% rebate on Trademark Filing and 80% rebate on Patent filing.

Easy Winding Up: The process of winding up of Company becomes very easy & it takes 90 days to wind up under IBC, 2016.