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Krishna Eye Centre is one of the Best Hospital for Cataract Surgery in Mumbai. With best cataract surgeon in Mumbai your vision will be clearer, brighter, and sharper than it's been for a long, long time
At Krishna Eye Centre, we assure you a smooth procedure if Cataract surgery in Mumbai. Our team is well-versed and holds end to end expertise in all the advanced techniques of cataract surgery and make sure that every surgical case is result-oriented and precise.

Phacoemulsification is the most advanced and accepted form of surgery. During this surgery, a very small opening of approximately 2.2 mm is made in the eye and the cataract is removed by breaking it into small pieces, which are then gently sucked out with the same instrument. The incision taken is so small that it requires no stitches and heals rapidly. This makes it possible for the patient to resume normal activities early.
Once the cataractous lens is removed a new lens (IOL) is inserted in the same place.