How To Set Up Hp Sprocket Printer With Mobiles?

This article will help you set up your HP Sprocket using the HP Sprocket app on your Android device.

What is an HP rotary printer?

HP Printer is a printer app that makes it easy to print photos on Android devices. Print cool, high-quality photos with a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices. Want to know how to repair your HP printer?

HP rocket flash memory

This printer shows how easy it is to set up an HP printer with Sprocket. This process involves several steps: printing the fabric, mounting the printer to the MAS, loading the photo paper, and finally preparing the printer. You will see the steps in detail.

1. Turn on the printer. If in doubt, remove the plastic from the printer.

2. Connect to the device: Install the Sprocket app on your phone and connect the printer to the device. Follow the steps below to install the program:

Go to the HP Sprocket website and download the software according to the on-screen instructions.