How to Setup HP Printer & Scan Doctor For Troubleshooting

HP Print and Scan Doctor is a free program that solves printing and scanning problems on most HP printers. This tool works on everything from Windows XP to Windows 10. Unfortunately, there is no Mac version of this tool yet.

Build or rebuild printer drivers, troubleshoot access and security system issues, review error messages, download printers, schedule delivery, and more. The same goes for Screen Doctor, which allows you to scan your printer for potential problems by scanning the area or toolbar.

This software checks several settings and replaces four different tools that HP uses to diagnose printer problems. Here is a short list of tested products.

Connectivity – Ensures that the printer is properly connected when connected via USB in Canada / USA and connected to the system when connected via a network.

Device Status: Check for printer errors such as toner, paper jams, and paper orientation. Check the end control if the driver is damaged or missing.

Device Manager: Check Device Manager for issues that are causing the problem.

Port compatibility/device conflicts: Check the printer port settings to ensure that there is no incompatibility between different printers or printer models on the computer system.