Leafy Orage in Fragrence Pakistan

Introducing Leafy Orage by Fragrance Studio, a rejuvenating aroma inspired by the captivating allure of Orage by Louis Vuitton. Infused with a lively fusion of citrus and verdant tones, Leafy Orage encapsulates the essence of a brisk autumn breeze dancing through foliage, invoking a sensation of natural splendor and liveliness.

This fragrance unfurls with a burst of tangy citrus, instantly enlivening the senses with its radiant and cheery bouquet. As the scent evolves, traces of crisp green leaves surface, imparting a dash of vitality and freshness to the blend. The harmonious interplay of citrus and verdant elements crafts a dynamic and invigorating olfactory journey that is both uplifting and revitalizing.