Mechanism for Adjusting the Carbon Border (CBAM)

Agile Advisors provide Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, The European Union (EU) leads the groundbreaking CBAM environmental policy program. It is a system intended to level the playing field for carbon pricing for goods, regardless of where they are produced—inside or outside the EU. As a result, it guarantees fair competition while unwaveringly advancing the EU's main environmental goals. The EU's "Fit for 55 Package," an ambitious plan outlined by the European Commission, is where CBAM first emerged. With the help of this package, Europe hopes to reach its climate ambitions by transforming its economy. Its specific goals include cutting greenhouse gas emissions by a significant 55% by 2030 and, as a longer-term goal, bringing the EU to climate neutrality by 2050.Taking care of carbon leakage: Companies move their activities to areas with lax or nonexistent carbon emission standards to avoid paying expensive environmental fines or regulations.