Places To Visit In Varanasi Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi, or Benaras, the holy city. All of the intensity of devotional India can be found here. These days, you can fly to this ancient city. Varanasi Airport is twenty five kilometers from the city center. Buses run daily to the Nepali border, while Varanasi is well connected by train to other India cities such as Delhi and Calcutta.

Varanasi has two histories, one legendary, one academic. Legend says the city was founded by Lord Shiva several thousand years ago, and that the city stands upon his trident.

For much of its history, Varanasi was part of the Kingdom of Kashi. Today, Anant Narayan Singh is Varanasi’s figurehead king.

In Varanasi, activities depend upon the visitor; some will take an active part in the rites and rituals of the city. Others will be observers, content to wander the ghats, visit the temples, take a boat out on the river and watch Varanasi, with the smoke from the funeral pyres and the music of devotional chanting, change the way they see the world.