Pneumatic Internal Pipe Clamp – USA,UAE,Egypt,Turkey,Russia,Australia

The SPM EQUIPMENT’S Internal Pneumatic Lineup Clamp With Copper Back Up Shoe assures a rapid, accurate alignment of two joints of pipe during the welding operation. Front and rear heads operate independently to lock the clamp into position.

Specially designed shoes on each head exert pressure uniformly around the inside circumference of the pipe to maintain necessary alignment. Each Internal Pneumatic Lineup Clamp is easily and quickly adjusted for different pipe wall thickness.

The SPM Equipment Pipe Internal Centering Clamp is suitable for welding a large variety of steel pipe diameters, from 16″ to 60″ ( 406.4mm – 1524mm) and features a forward / reverse travel motor, air reservoir tank, two double acting air cylinders that propel the clamp for a double joint distance, independent front & rear line up heads, 40 feet reach rod & control ends, operation & maintenance manuals.

SPM Equipment conversion kit is available to quickly adjust the clamp for different size of pipe.