Tarps, Emergency Shelter & Survival Blankets

Versatile Tarps for Multifunctional Use: Tarps & Survival Shelter Tents
Survival Supplies Australia introduces tarps with multiple uses, serving as a ground sheet, waterproof shelter, emergency blanket, and carrying sheet. A versatile addition to your kit, tarps provide essential functionality in various survival situations.

Blankets for Every Purpose: Emergency Mylar and High-Quality Blankets
Discover our range of blankets tailored to different needs at Survival Supplies Australia. From fire protection blankets to emergency mylar space blankets and mylar thermal heat sheets for survival, we provide high-quality mylar blankets to complement your sleeping bag systems. Equip yourself with the essentials for shelter and warmth like an emergency thermal blanket. Our tarps and best emergency blankets are designed to enhance your survival gear, ensuring you're prepared for emergencies and outdoor adventures alike.