Ujung Kulon National Park Ecotour

Ujung Kulon National Park is located in the west of Java Island and is home to the One-horned Rhino. With a total area of 122,956 hectares, the national park combines aquatic and terrestrial areas creating a diverse ecosystem. In this area, various types of flora and fauna thrive, creating an environment rich in biodiversity. Apart from being a natural habitat, Ujung Kulon National Park also has an important role as a breeding ground for rare animals. Its abundant natural wealth makes it an attractive tourist destination.

The history of Ujung Kulon National Park begins with the first exploration by F. Junghuhn, a German botanist, in 1846. His exploration aimed to collect various types of plants from the tropics. By then, the natural richness of Ujung Kulon was widely known and this attracted several researchers to visit the area. However, there weren’t too many historical records about the area until the Mount Krakatau disaster in 1883.