Velvet Flux Lahore in Pakistan

Introducing Velvet Flux by Fragrance Studio, an enchanting aroma crafted to embody the essence of modern femininity, inspired by the iconic Hilfiger Woman by Tommy Hilfiger. With a rich fusion of floral and fruity notes, Velvet Flux celebrates confidence and grace, tailored for the contemporary woman who revels in her unique style and individuality.

⦁ At the outset, this fragrance bursts forth with a symphony of vibrant fruits:

The succulent essence of peach tantalizes the senses.
The crisp allure of apple adds a refreshing touch.

⦁ As the scent unfolds gracefully, delicate whispers of florals emerge:

Jasmine infuses the composition with a subtle allure.
Peony adds a touch of femininity and sophistication.

Velvet Flux is more than just a fragrance; it's an ode to the confident, elegant woman of today, capturing the essence of her spirit in every spritz. Embark on a journey of sensorial delight with Velvet Flux and experience the allure of contemporary femininity like never before.