What big brands are doing to use stories

Some of the biggest brands in the world use storytelling to make strong stories about their goods and services. This shows how important it is. This helps people remember companies and motivates them to act.

Coca-Cola made an augmented reality commercial in 2019 where people could look at a Coke can with their phones. This would make 12 different stories come to life. Each one would deal with a problem and end with people sharing Coke. In order to build a brand image of happiness and unity, Coke has been using stories for a long time to bring people together.

In the same way, Nike's famous "Just Do It" campaign has been using the story of giving people the strength to overcome hurdles and encourage them to follow their dreams for years. The reason people talk about important brands and see them as leaders is because of stories like these. Businesses build good relationships and trust that lead to long-term success.