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Companies also look for tax-saving strategies for salaried employees, keeping in mind the team’s interests. Certainly, healthy employees are more productive and, hence, have lower medical costs as compared to... Read More

Corporate companies can follow these steps to ensure the health of their employees.

The current competitive corporate scenario does not allow companies the luxury of their employees performing poorly or being absent due to sickness and health issues caused by poor lifestyles. To... Read More

To be healthy, you can schedule a full body checkup online with Indus Health Plus.

A full-body health check-up, sometimes referred to as a comprehensive health check-up or a general health check-up, is a medical examination that determines a person's general health and wellbeing. A... Read More

Implementation of employee wellness program.

We offer a variety of health and wellness services to fit your needs. Whether you're looking for an executive health checkup, employee wellness programs, or basic health checkup packages, we've... Read More